Daughters of Zelophehad Intercessory Prayer Ministry
This ministry exists that women from all walks of life might share in the inheritance granted to us by our Heavenly Father to be used as a tool of intercession  on behalf of the petitions &  supplications of those who need it (based off Numbers 27). Th Daughters of Zelophehad by coming together were able to set a precedent & thus changed how the inheritance was left in the absence of a son. According to the vision & under the direction of our own Apostle Dr. Angela D. Morgan. We meet together in prayer regularly via conference call to pray at the designated times of the day to intercede for specific prayer assignments standing in agreement with one another that we might see the glory of God manifested in very specific ways. They are as follows:
Mondays @ 6am & 12noon - (Prayer Focus - Pastors & Leaders)  
Tuesdays @ 6am, 12noon & 9pm - (Prayer Focus - Marriages)
Wednesdays @ 6am & 12noon - (Prayer Focus - Singles)
Thursdays @ 6am & 12noon -  (Prayer Focus - Pastors' & Leaders' Wives)
Fridays @ 6am & 12noon - (Prayer Focus - Intercession)
Saturdays @ 8am - Morning Glory
The Prayerline is open to ANYONE who desires prayer or to pray on another's behalf. To join us for prayer, dial 1-605-475-4350, Access Code: 244838# during any one of the days/times listed above. Feel free to join us at anytime! 

You can purchase book at Amazon Kindle or CreateSpace. You can contact Apostle Angela Morgan at angelamorganministries@gmail.com.