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Radical has made available to you portions of videos of past messages, anniversary clips of guest speakers, etc for your viewing & convenience. Please take the opportunity to stop by our YouTube Channel to check it out. You WILL be blessed!  
Can't be with us physically? Why not join in with the Radical family as we enter into the word & presence of the Lord. Broadcasting LIVE via UStream, simply click the icon and prepare to be challenged, changed & blessed every Monday & Friday Nights as well as Sunday Afternoons. We look forward to your sharing with us!  
6th Year Anniversary Messages Include:
-"We Need Structure" - Apostle David A. Rodgers - June 3, 201
-"Battlefield of the Mind" - Apostle Dr. G.E. Bradshaw - June 5, 2011
-"Embracing Kingdom Culture" - Apostle Dr. Marlon D. Hester Sr. - June 10, 2011
-"Moving In a Kingly Fashion..." - Apostle Dr. Velerian Robinson - June 11, 2011
-"Moving In a Kingly Fashion..." - Apostle Dr. Sylvester P. Brinson III - June 12, 2011

General Messages Include:
-Mother's Day Message 2011 - Apostle Renaldo L. Morgan - May 8, 2011
-Father's Day Message 2011 - Apostle Renaldo L. Morgan - June 19, 2011
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