Our Vision

Welcome to Radical End Time Ministries International- more affectionately known simply as "REMI" or "Radical". Under the faithful leadership of our Apostles Renaldo & Angela Morgan, we stand firm in faith and in practice as a non-denominational Apostolic company of believers empowered by the Spirit of God & committed to the cause of the Kingdom of Heaven. Called to the remnants of the earth, we seek the lost, the forgotten, the overlooked, the cast-away, the throw-away and the hurting sharing with them the full Gospel of Jesus Christ, decreeing to them the purpose for which they were created and shaping them for the service to which they've been called. We are not your ordinary "church". In this end-time, we serve the purposes of God alone with ministries designed to serve His people. We make no apologies for who we are-- a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people... radical! We love hard, passionately & without prejudice and it would be our pleasure to be Kingdom connected with you! Loving you with the love of God the Father through His Son, Jesus Christ. Grace & peace be yours. --The Radical Family

Our Vision

We are a ministry that is endeavoring to impact the body of believers through the power of radical praise, radical worship, radical faith and radical application of the Word of God through daily living.

We emphatically express our belief that the "church" is not just about four walls, but that we, the body of Christ, are the "church". We must leave our comfort zones to radically share the plan of salvation because the "end time" that we are living in requires us to take the church beyond the four walls.

Proverbs 11:30b - And he that winneth souls is wise. Our goal is to teach and equip soulwinners to go out into the world to preach the "good news" to the remnant in the earth who are lost, brokenhearted, discouraged, hurting and in despair.

Our focus is to introduce the world to the infinite, no-limit God that we serve. We are confident witnesses of the life-changing, life-giving and life-sustaining power that He extends to all who call upon Him.

The power of deliverance should be a definite attribute seen in our lifestyles as Christians. We want our pursuit of God to be a true representation of God's standard of holiness and sanctification without compromise.

We encourage the believer not to settle for the permissive will of God, but to desire to live in the perfect will of God.

We promote wholeness for the entire body of Christ: young children, teens, seasoned, single, married and widowed. We are developing ministries to help build strong families in the church and in our community.

We commit to demonstrating the love of God in action and graciously serving one another in the spirit of humility.

You can purchase book at Amazon Kindle or CreateSpace. You can contact Apostle Angela Morgan at angelamorganministries@gmail.com.