Radical End Time Ministries Handmaidens Women's Fellowship
Called to minister to women everywhere, Radical's Women's Fellowship seeks to help women become and stay healthy, healed and whole! Whether married, single, pastor, prophetess, school teacher, bus driver, homemaker, housewife, hurting or hiding we recognize the common needs that all women share and seek to encourage & help one another grow through the deep dwelling love of God and genuine sisterhood. It is our desire that we all be free from the past experiences, hurts,  disappointments, discouragments, mistakes & bad decisions that we might be able to embrace the awesome, full, joyful destiny that God has intended for His daughters to reach. Through lots of laughter & joy, shared interests and issues, through boxes of Kleenex, tears, pain and many hugs, we thrive on always striving to be transparent and open with one another so that all might experience freedom in their body, souls and spirits.

Welcoming women of every age, walk and status in life, we encourage you to join us EVERY 4th FRIDAY of each month for our monthly Women's Fellowship Nights. According to the leading of the Holy Spirit, each meeting is designed to fill a specific need as He gives direction.  For more information regarding the Women's Fellowship, contact our Coordinator, Evangelist Shundra Robinson via e-mail at Shundrarobinson@yahoo.com. We look forward to being blessed by your presence with us!

You can purchase book at Amazon Kindle or CreateSpace. You can contact Apostle Angela Morgan at angelamorganministries@gmail.com.